Behind the information from this website stands a wide and loose collaboration of fellow funkateers, who try to preserve and archive as many live P.Funk concert media as possible for current and future generations to free their mind. While snippets of information about this process can be found throughout the web, much of it is inaccurate or fragmented and a truly definitive source of information does not exist. The 'Pure Funk Archive' tries to bundle up information from various sources, our interest in this topic stems *NOT* from a desire to illegally obtain music but rather from a fascination with the whole Parliafunkadelicment Thang.

While we support the trading of records of independent origin, we do *NOT* condone any form of commercial piracy. All files hosted on this website are not intended for profit, only for use as a reference. No part of this website may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the authors, but you may download, reprint, reproduce and share the files and information from this archive for non-commercial, private purposes. However, you may *NOT* manipulate or alter in any way the files and information.


No audio or video content is hosted on any part of this site. We only provide hyperlinks, to services like YouTube and MixCloud, or (meta) information files for the audio and video recordings of independent origin. The Pure Funk Archive is *NOT* involved with the spreading of copyrighted releases, partial files or any of the commercial content. The distribution of copyrighted releases are all done by third parties and it is *NOT* our responsibility what others decides to do with these releases. We do not wish for these titles to be widely spread across public web boards, P2P networks and the like. While we do know that occurs, we strongly urge people to *NOT* share these copyrighted titles at such places.

You are *NOT* allowed to distribute any independent title with the intent of earning money. These titles are *NOT* yours to sell. The 'Pure Funk Archive', do *NOT* participate in such actions.