The mob tours around the world, nearly all year long... and has been for decades! These lists try to maintain the pure legacy of the legendary tours from past, present and future! Get informed about when, where and how the mob has played a concert. Additionally I will link up posters, tickets, streams, reviews and other useful material for the specific shows/tours.... free the pee!

It ain't complete yet and it probably never will be, thanks to p-funk's non-stoppin' tours.
- Maxim (creator of the original tour list, 1997-2002)

Feel free to make contact if:
- you know of p-funk dates, facts or records I haven't added
- you notice a wrong or twisted date or fact in the P-Funk Tour List
- you have a review, poster, ticket, video, audio you want me to add
- you feel I missed something


2017-02-17 PFUNK Morgantown, WV Mainstage Morgantown
2015-02-17 PFUNK New York, NY BB Kings
2013-02-17 PFUNK New Haven, ?? Toad's Place
2011-02-17 PFUNK New Haven, CT Toads Place
2004-02-17 FIDDLER Paris, FRA New Morning
2001-02-17 PFUNK Galveston, TX Mardi Grass of Galves.
2001-02-17 MACEO Los Angeles, CA House of Blues
1995-02-17 BOOTSY Stockholm, SWE Gino
1994-02-17 PFUNK San Francisco, CA The Townsend  
1994-02-17 BOOTSY Stockholm, SWE Gino