This feature is intended to be a follow-up to the original One Nation trade service. If you collect P.Funk media and like to trade them freely via various ways like bit torrent or snail mail, this might be a future chance to extend your connections! While the original service was based on single topics where folks posted their lists, we want to build up a stable (private) pool of funkateers with the help of a tracker with an iintegrated forum.

Please check the link below and create a membership to start trading records of independent origin:

 Terms of service 
  1. No buy/sell items! The 'Pure Funk Archive' has the right to delete any entries that it feels are not in the spirit of free trading.
  2. Only P-Funk related items traded here please. If you have more to offer, post an extra list at the forum in the specific thread. (Example: Eddie Hazel is a P-funk related item. Bob Marley is not.))
  3. We are not responsible for bad trades. However, we encourage anyone who encounters such to report it to us at

Good luck on your P-Funk trading experience. Check back often and have a ton of fun(k)!